Beautiful Rhossili Bay

I’m always looking for new places to visit with my little one that we can all enjoy as a family but also new places to photograph.

This summer we were lucky to enough to have great weather, who knew that Wales could be sunny for more than one day ha ha.

I had seen a few beautiful images of a place called Rhossili.  My Dad is a fellow photo enthusiast (no idea if that is such a thing but it is now 🙂 ) so I asked him to drive us one afternoon to find this beautiful place that I had read so much about.

We packed a picnic, buckets and spades, not forgetting our cameras and headed out. It took us about 90 minutes to find the beach and boy were we not disappointed.

The views alone from the top of the car park were worth the stuffy car journey especially with a 4-year-old asking “are we there yet?” every 5 minutes!

In order to access Rhossili bay you have to venture down many steps which at times were a little steep and felt like eternity especially on the way back but totally worth it especially on a gorgeous sunny day. More information about Rhossili here


The house looking onto the bay must be one of the most photographed houses but what a beauty it is.  It looked so serene and peaceful and the views from the cottage itself must be glorious.

We had a great afternoon that day, played so much in the sand and the warm sea.  The journey back up was a little tiring to say the least but this little one shocked me and walked all the way back up without moaning, which is highly unusual.  Her favourite saying whilst walking is “carry me” which wasn’t so bad when she was smaller but now absolutely no chance ( oh how I miss a pushchair ha ha!) So if you have any tips for keeping a 4-year-old entertained on long walks please share!IMG_0029



After we got home that night I did some research on Rhossili and discovered that near by was a field full of Sunflowers.  I was pretty hooked that day by the beauty of the area and was already planning my next trip back.

Low and behold that’s what we did and a few weeks after we made a trip back just to find these wonderful flowers.  Sunflowers at Rhossili

We didn’t know where it was exactly but after asking the lovely lady from the National Trust it was actually at the end of the car park where we had parked our car the last time we visited.  It was quite funny seeing how many people were doing photo shoots surrounding themselves by sunflowers so as a photographer I decided to do the same ha ha!!


Hope you’ve enjoyed reading about our time spent at Rhossili we’ll definitely be heading back next summer.

I’m looking for new places to photograph in Autumn, if you have any suggestions please let me know 🙂


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