Here goes…

Where do I start….

Ok here goes, I’m Helen, Photographer and Mum to one.

The idea of this blog is to share my passion of photography and also life as a mum.  I love nothing more than to capture moments in life that people can treasure forever from sports to family portraits and capturing that special wedding day.  I can ensure that moment, is never forgotten.

You don’t realise till you are grown up (I use grown up lightly) how much you wish you had listened and absorbed all the memories from your own child hood.  Things may come flooding back from simple things such as photographs, a smell or a flower.

When you become a parent you are suddenly hit with an overwhelming sense of love and devotion.  You try to absorb every little part of your own life but also of your little one.  I worry that I’ve missed something in her little life already but I guess that’s where we are lucky in this day and age with so much technology at hand to help us document everything.

I started to jot things down now and again from conversations that made us laugh or even cry.  I really wish I had started doing it from the minute I put my eyes on her but life takes over and you’re immediately caught up with sleepless and milk filled nights.

I hope I encourage people to take more photos of loved ones to cherish, whether it be with a mobile phone or camera.

Adventure is out there




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