Ouch its been a while…

EVERYONE fights a battle that perhaps you just don’t know about or you think you know about.

After watching the Harry and Meghan documentary I just feel sad and unbelievably angry.

I wouldn’t normally blog about things like this but as I’m fighting my own battle recently I felt like I had to put down what I felt.

When you’re a new mum, you experience many changes.  I always think about how I will never get those 36 plus hours of no sleep back during labour, how tearful I was when I was first asked on a brief morning out “how was I feeling” and all I did was fight back the tears.  

You feel an immense love and honour being that little persons parent, wanting to protect them from everything the world throws at them but you’re not facing the scrutiny of the public eye constantly watching  what you wear and not to mention the things you or other people did in your past.

The British tabloids see a Royal and a Celebrity I see a mother who is vulnerable, fragile and tired.  Being a woman is hard, being a woman in the public eye with literally the world watching every step that you take, itching for you to make a wrong move whilst also being a new mum, a new wife and taking a very different role in your life is harder.  I read a tweet today from a journalist sarcastically saying they wished they had her life, she’s famous, she’s married to a wealthy man, flies everywhere on private jets and is about to move into an enormous country house at the tax payers’ expense.  Who actually cares about any of those points? Happiness isn’t about material things, Meghan states in that interview on ITV that “the good thing is I got my baby and I’ve got my husband and they are the best”. 

They are making a statement, they are different from what the Royal Family stands for but Harry is literally protecting his family and making a stand against what is wrong.  He watched what the tabloids did to his mother and now he’s watching life repeating itself.  Times have changed and we need to move with them.  Mental health is a big thing in the world nowadays, we didn’t know how much it would have affected a young woman in the 90s with two young boys, she was very clever at hiding things and turning her attentions to changing the world for the better and helping people less fortunate than herself.  

Harry is protecting his new family, he’s a new father, a new husband and is also trying to achieve his role as part of the Royal family.  It angers me that he says he won’t be “bullied into playing a game that killed my mother”.  Such a powerful statement that sadly seems to be something that is making history repeat itself.  


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