International Womens Day

Its been a while since I’ve posted anything so I thought what better way to come back than today being International Women’s Day.

I became a better person when I had my little lady, she made me realise that I’d been missing out on the best job in the world…being a mummy!

She’s already becoming a loving and caring little girl and I can’t wait to see what the future brings for us.  I sometimes worry that she’s going to end up being a worrier like me but she doesn’t see any of that, she doesn’t worry she just hates change.  She doesn’t look at me as a worrier she looks at me as her mum and sometimes I need to remember that.  I’m her mum and that’s really all that matters to her, someone to guide her and someone to love her and to wipe away those tears, most importantly someone to laugh with and keep those childhood memories alive.

The world is full of wonderful women some we know of in the lime light and some we have no idea exist.  I know of two wonderful women that have been through so much in such little time and both have never asked for help.  They are both so lovely and caring that they would rather help other people before themselves.  They say that super heroes come in many shapes and forms and both of these ladies are definitely one of those.

We all have wonderful women in our lives ones that have been with us throughout our lives and ones that we are still yet to meet.



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