The dreaded “Elf on the Shelf”

So its hard to believe that its been a year since I first introduced Elf on the Shelf into our household, what on earth was I thinking?!

A family friend suggested we gave it a go as they had noticed a big change in their child’s behaviour, just by having the elf in the house.  Feeling a little sceptical I took the plunge and bought one with the story book so it was easier to explain to our little girl.

We decided to take it in turns, one night my husband set it up, the next night me and so on. It actually became a competition between us both who could pull off the best and funniest elf scenario. I think to start with I was thinking this is going to be great fun but then you start to want to do bigger and better things and then just run out of ideas.

I remember texting a friend one night asking how it was going as they were doing the same thing its hysterical to think what we’ll do for Christmas spirit and just to get a bit of good behaviour in the house.

Remembering to set the elf up after bed time was a nightmare, I can’t tell you how many times I woke up in the middle of the night and had to think of something quickly!

I have a few new ideas after making a Pinterest board (preparation at its best, plus who doesn’t love a good Pinterest board)  If you’ve never done “Elf on the Shelf” before but are considering it, just give it a go, its just a bit of fun and your kids will love it.  Lets face it, you’ll probably enjoy it more than your child, not forgetting  we are all big kids at heart we just need to remind ourselves now and again.

If you’re thinking of doing it, tag me on twitter with your photos @helenbrabon I’d love to see them!




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