We do not remember the days, we remember the moments

We all spend sometime in our lives worrying about something.  I worry about being the perfect mum, wife and friend. Worrying about getting things done at home, washing clothes, dishes and generally keeping the house in check.  Really I need to worry about how time is escaping rapidly and what I need to do to absorb every little thing that is happening around me, trying to make special memories with loved ones and trying not to lose it so much.

I read something recently about how our children absorb our negative and positive energy and it got me thinking about how I need to change the way I react to things.

It could be from something small like being frustrated I had forgotten money for my daughters fruit for school as I was distracted that the house was untidy and suddenly felt so overwhelmed with every tiny bit of mess that surrounded me that I turned it into something huge and ending up snapping for no reason.

Have you seen Beauty and the Beast when Beast shouts “then go ahead and STARVE!!!!” I can actually relate to that on most mornings.  My daughter usually laughs at me at this point but you just can’t help but think what sort of effect this is having.  Its one of those things where you wish for bed time when you’re having a tough day and then miss them so much when the house is quite and they are in bed.

I’m actually having a day off today from everything, cleaning, adulting, photographic work if you knew me this is highly unusual but I’ve come to the realisation that sometimes you just have to sit back, take in everything that is around you, realise what really makes you happy and what makes you, YOU.  The dishes will still be around in the morning, the ironing and washing pile will just get bigger but life doesn’t slow down.  My daughter turns 5 the end of January, FIVE you just don’t know where life will take you but blink and you might just miss it!




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